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2021 Apollo RXF Rocket 1300

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Larger than the RXF Rocket 1000, the RXF Rocket 1300 is perfect for children 10 and over.

This is the ideal bike for beginners to learn to ride safely, as this bike features

it is equipped with a potentiometer that can adjust both the acceleration, the speed of (KMH) 40 / KMH as the reaction time throttle grip, disc brakes (front / rear) and has a chain guard. Nothing like it to reassure parents who wish to see their children progress in good conditions.

It is equipped with an automatic 1300w motor, and 3x12V12Ah batteries for an autonomy of 1h to 1h30.



• Double beam steel frame
• Cantilevered swing arm
• Rear shock absorber
• Inverted fork
• Front rim: 14 inch steel
• Rear rim: 12 inch steel
• Front brake single disc hydraulic caliper
• Rear brake single disc hydraulic caliper

Motor :
• 1300 Watts electric motor
• 48V / 13AH battery
• Autonomy between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes
• Air cooling
• Automatic transmission
• Reverse
• Final transmission by chain
• Electric start
• Power and speed adjustment (from 28 to 40 km / h)
• Adjustment of the reactivity of the throttle grip

• Weight: 45 kg
• Seat height: 680 mm
• Maximum load: 65 kg